Thursday, March 10, 2011

We fought through the first week and won!

I went to see Katie yesterday afternoon for her first week’s weigh-in.  See my two previous post for more details on Katie.  We have success!  She lost two pounds, dropped her blood pressure by 10% and brought her pulse down by 5%!  I must admit, I had hoped for a little more weight loss than two pounds, but I am super proud of her because I know she worked hard and she obviously put the work in based on her reductions in BP and pulse.  In addition to our weigh-in, I also reviewed her food diary, talked about her challenges this past week and our goals for the coming week, and got in a good workout.  I found she was a little less upbeat and lighthearted than she was when I met with her on Sunday, but I also realize she is a 16-year-old girl and moods can be expected to vary.  But, I also noticed by reviewing her food diary that she skipped breakfast on Tuesday and missed several scheduled snacks throughout the week.  So, there is a very good chance her metabolism stalled because she was actually not eating enough – in amount or frequency. 

Once again today, we did some body weight moves mixed in with cardio intervals like jumping jacks, high knees, and cherry pickers (aka squat thrusts) all of which Katie is super fond…or at least I know she will be fond of the results they bring her!  As always, she gave it her all and didn’t quit.  She even made it through the entire workout without stopping for a drink!  It is so amazing to watch this young lady transform right before my eyes!    

We went back downstairs and were going to go for a walk outside, but it was pouring down rain, so I had her start walking around the house (lower level of their home makes a circle around the center staircase).  Her mother runs a day care for babies and young children.  By Katie’s second lap, she was holding a baby and had several kiddos following her like a little train – they loved it!  It was so cool to see how exercise became contagious and it made all the kids smile (even Katie).  During Katie’s kiddo processional, I talked with her mom about the past week and our goals for the coming week. 

It is fantastic to see that Katie has support from her family.  It is very important to have supportive people around her as she makes this mind-body connection.  Not only will pounds be dropped, but she will also have to drop the emotional and mental baggage that accompanies obesity.  So, please offer your encouragement and support to Katie, or simply share your story by commenting below or emailing me at  I will go back to meet with Katie again this weekend and next Wednesday for another weigh-in.  So stay tuned – I am so proud of her and I know there are many more good things to come!

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  1. Wow, way to go Katie! I am in the process of making major changes in my own life to be healthier. I am down 16 lbs and already notice a difference in the way I feel. Keep up all the good work and don't get discouraged!