Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Dose of Reality

Last week I participated in the filming of a reality-type TV show that focused on entrepreneurs in Middle Tennessee.  The TV show is called Zebras and Cheetahs and hosted by Micheal Burt.  Coach Burt is described as part coach, part entrepreneur, and all leader.  Coach Burt is the go-to guy for entrepreneurs who want to become people of interest.  Well, I consider myself a person of interest and certainly hope to spread my reach about my business and my passion.  I didn't quit my well-paying engineering job to be a person of irrelevance!  So, I trusted that Coach Burt and the Zebras and Cheetahs TV show would push me to be a better health & weight loss coach and business woman. 

The contestants and Coach Burt on the bus
I use the word “trust” because being on a TV is not something I am comfortable with – I’ve never been one to seek attention.  However, I always tell my clients that is only by pushing beyond your comfort zone that you will see progress.  Therefore, I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  With a bit of fear, a little anxiety, many unknowns, and a whole lot of excitement, I agreed to be one of the five contestants on the show.  With challenges, mentoring, coaching, and pitching, the show is what I would call The Apprentice, The Amazing Race, and Shark Tank all rolled into a Middle Tennessee version.  Filming took place over two days – each lasting more than ten hours.  The first day was definitely a learning experience.  There was a lot of introductions, feeling out the competition, learning about the challenges, and hurry-up-and-wait. 

At the end of the first night we were given our first challenge.  This was the Zebra Challenge to find out how each contestant stands out in the market – what makes them unique.  So we loaded onto Coach Burt’s bus (yes, this a big orange tour bus with Coach Burt’s photo looking back at you) to begin the challenge.  We arrived at the Boys & Girls Club where we met some amazing kids and were mentored by Kendra Cooke, a top agent at Bob Parks Realty.  After hearing from Kendra and the kids, we were challenged to see who could raise the most money for the Boys & Girls Club.  Talk about outside my comfort zone!  I was not at ease asking people for money…and did I mention we were dropped off outside in 12-degree weather?!  But, all the contestants raised a lot of money that will be a huge benefit to the Boys & Girls Club. 

The second day of filming included a Cheetah Challenge to see how we could stay agile in the
That's me in the white pants...pushing
beyond my comfort zone.
market.  For this challenge, we arrived at the Ascent, a rock-climbing facility where we met the manager Jeff Hess and his staff.  We were also mentored by Phil Cavender, the influential investment specialist and founder & CEO of The Cavender Financial Group.  We were then given the task of climbing the rock wall (at least 50-60 feet high) and making a pitch to Jeff, Phil, and Coach Burt.  Again, this definitely made me push beyond my comfort zone.  I consider myself very fit, athletic, and coordinated.  However, I had never climbed a rock wall, and certainly not while being filmed and competing against four other people!  About three-fourths of the way up the wall, my body began to burn and my mind began to fill with doubt.  It was a true test for me and what I was capable of.  I tell my clients “your mind quits long before your body”.  I started telling myself that.  And through my self-doubt, I lifted my foot and stepped up one notch at a time and made it to the top!  I came down, made my pitch, and had more confidence with myself and what I coach to my clients. 

The second day of filming also included our final pitch to the board about what makes us zebras and cheetahs.  Each contestant had been challenged and coached and we were finally ready to prove ourselves the board, to Coach Burt, to ourselves, and to the viewers of the TV show.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have been a contestant.  I am humbled by the process.  And I am proud to say I am a zebra and a cheetah. 

I would be remiss if I did not thank the film crew – they were professional and patient – and Brock Patterson – he is the executive producer & Coach Burt’s “chief optimizer”, but more importantly he was a work horse, advisor, and friend. 

You will have to tune in to The CW (WNAB) on February 23rd at noon to watch the show, root for your favorite contestant, and find out who won the challenges and board pitch!  If you miss it, it will be posted on YouTube once it airs.  I am happy to have my dose of reality.  I am now better equipped and more inspired to be your health & weight loss coach.  You don’t have to be on a TV show to change your life.  I will coach you and support you as you push beyond your comfort zone and find success!  Go to  to see all the ways I can help you and those you love.  Obesity is 100% preventable and that’s a dose of reality we can make happen today!