Monday, March 7, 2011

Katie Kicked off an Awesome Week!

I went to Katie’s house again yesterday.  Katie is the 16-year-old that I am helping to lose weight.  During our first meeting last week, I found she is in the morbidly obese range and also has high blood pressure – see my previous post for more details.  I went to workout with her yesterday and to monitor her food & exercise diary.  I wasn’t sure what to expect or how well she would do during her first few days.  I was amazed – she is already a new young lady.  She was happier and more vivacious just after four days!  She told me how she made smarter choices with food and even showed me some of the new groceries they had purchased.  I was so proud of her. 

We then went upstairs to a bonus room and got in a great workout – this was in addition to the walk she took this morning (keep in mind it was in the low 30’s here in Franklin) before church – what a trooper!  We did some body weight moves and I also brought my balance and medicine balls to incorporate into the workout.  She did fabulous and gave it her all.  Of course, she still has a lot of work to do, but I could already see progress in her ability to do pushups from last week.  She even told me that she had done some of the moves while it was raining and even had her little brother trying some of the exercises. 

After our workout, we went back downstairs to talk for a bit – her mom had just come home from the grocery store.  We reviewed a few of the items she had bought and talked about options for Katie and the entire family.  I also brought them more of my recipes and also had daily meal & snack examples for Katie to follow.  Katie’s mom told me how happy she had been and what a positive attitude Katie had all week.   Katie then let me know that she had been tempted on a few occasions but managed to stay strong – she told me she took cookies to the kids she babysat for.  She was tempted, but had an apple instead and said she felt satisfied and proud of herself.  And she even did some exercises while the kids slept!  I was beaming!  What a champ Katie is!

I cannot wait to go back on Wednesday for our weigh-in to see how much progress she has made in our first full week.  I am confident the scale will show improvement.  However, no matter what the numbers show, I am so pleased with how much she has changed mentally and emotionally in just the first week!  So, make sure to check back on Thursday to see her results!  And please feel free to encourage Katie, offer support, or simply share your story, by commenting below or emailing me at 

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