Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hard Work Yields Fabulous Results!

Big smile after a big weight loss!
Katie had a fabulously successful week this week!  I took her weight and stats during our meeting yesterday – she lost a whopping 4.6 pounds this past week and significantly decreased her blood pressure!  She has dropped her blood pressure from 136/92 down to 120/74.  That is a 15% overall improvement – and from the stage 1 hypertension into the normal blood pressure range!  This kid is really working hard!  I gave her a big hug – I promised her if she worked hard this week, we would get her under 230 pounds – and we both made good on that promise!  In two weeks, she has gone from 235. 4 to 228.8!  

Lots of whole grains!
As I do each week, I reviewed her food & exercise diary.  Her food intake continues to improve.  She and her mom have been planning her meals and snacks each day so she knows what she will have so she doesn’t have to rely on last-minute decisions.  She also told me today that she has been packing an extra piece of fruit or veggies in her lunch box – just in case she gets hungry, she won’t have to rely on the vending machine or fast food.  That’s my girl!  And, as I mentioned earlier this week, she and her mom have revamped their kitchen using my color-coded stickers to labels shelves and to stock the healthiest foods at eye-level and foods to be eaten less often are stored out of sight and reach.  And, she and her mom have made some of my recipes for chili, whole wheat muffins, and trail mix – all of which they have enjoyed.  And, Katie said the family never realized her mom was such a good cook!  Now that they are preparing fresher meals from whole, natural food, they are starting to realize how tasty healthful can be! 

For our workout today, Katie asked me if we could go outside – the weather was wonderful and in the mid 60’s.  So, we went out for a walk and I had her jog a few intervals.  We made it to the tennis courts where I ran her through a boot camp type workout for about 30 minutes.  She did fantastic.  She said her feet hurt, but once again, she never quit – even through jumping rope, running suicides, walking lunges, sprints, and pushups!  We walked back to her house – I have really enjoyed getting to know this young lady.  I found out that she wants to either be a chef or a teacher.  Either way, she obviously wants to make an impact in this world and I know for a fact she will!  As we were about to walk up her driveway, her neighbor was out with his dog.  He spoke to us and then looked up at Katie and said, “I am proud of you young lady!”  I responded with, “I am proud of her too!” 

Katie has strength and beauty that I can see very vividly.  Katie cannot see it yet due to her extra weight and lack of self-confidence.  But as we shed the pounds, I know she will be able to see that strength and beauty come to the surface and shine brightly.  This kid is a true inspiration and I can only hope that her journey will motivate you or someone you know to change your life and get healthy.  What are you waiting for?  Katie isn’t waiting, she’s working hard and seeing fabulous results today!

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