Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In This Economy, It’s Even More Essential to Trim the Fat

In the recent months, our economy has taken a pretty tough beating yet again.  The stock market has weathered the biggest drop since the collapse in 2008/2009.  Besides having a 401k, I am honestly a little uneducated when it comes to stocks, Dow, S&P, bull and bear.  However, I do know that our country is in an economic crisis.  Most every American, from those on welfare to those on Park Avenue, has felt a pinch in their wallet at some point over the past few years.  As a result, many Americans feel they must scale back on spending.  They are shopping at Wal-Mart rather than Pottery Barn, Kohl’s instead of Barney’s.  These cut backs are great, but an even more critical move is to cut back your numbers on the scale.  While many people might think they can’t afford to eat healthier, get more exercise, and lose weight – in this economy, it is even more vital.  Facts and statistics show that being at a healthy weight and taking better care of ourselves not only adds years to our life and life to our years, but adds dollars to our pockets.  Here’s proof that cutting the fat can save you big:
  • George Washington University recently reported that the average annual cost of being obese for a man is $2,646.  If an obese man got to a healthy weight, he could save enough money for a new car within six years!  
  • Obese employees earn $7,000 less annually than their fellow lean employees.  This may be due to the fact that obese employees cost employers millions of dollars each year in lost productivity, restricted activity, and more time spent on doctor’s visits.
  • The annual medical spending on an obese person surpasses that of a normal-weight person by $1,429.  You could make a house payment with your savings each year if you got to a healthy weight. 
  • The average cost of gastric bypass or gastric banding ranges from $17,000 to $35,000.  However, the total number of fat cells in your body remains constant once you reach adulthood.  Even after radical weight-loss procedures such as gastric bypass, fat cells return to their pre-surgery numbers within two years. 
  • Being overweight reduces a woman's chances of getting pregnant.  The average cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is about $12,000.  The National Institutes of Health believes obesity is one of the reasons why the fastest-growing group experiencing infertility is that of women under 25.  
  • People who regularly eat dinner or breakfast in restaurants double their risk of becoming obese.  You may think cooking healthy food at home is expensive, but I can make a healthy fresh meal for eight for less than $20 – it’s hard to find a restaurant that allows to people to eat for under $20. 
  • A Men’s Health survey recently found 62% of respondents would consider it grounds for divorce if their wife gained 100 pounds.  The average cost of a divorce in the US is $15,000 – incentive enough for both sexes to keep their weight in a healthy range.
  • People who lose just 10% of their weight report significant improvement in their sex lives.  With Viagra costing approximately $15 per pill, the annual cost of treating erectile dysfunction (which can be caused by obesity) could be a real downer!
While I couldn’t tell you if now is the time to buy or sell your stock or precious metal, I do know now is the time to drop your extra weight.  There may be many luxuries we can’t afford these days, but one thing we can always afford in any market is our health.  If your weight numbers are trending up, I will help you bring them down.  I will help you drop pounds, save money, and reclaim your life.  I promise that the pounds you lose will be worth their weight in gold! 

In this economy, we all need to trim the fat.  Go to to see all the ways I can help you and those you love.  Obesity is 100% preventable – and something we can no longer afford! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It’s One Thing to Get Up, It’s Another to Get Out

I was driving across town yesterday and couldn’t help but notice all of the advertisements at churches about “Divorce Care”.  Living in the Bible Belt, it’s hard to go too far in any direction without passing several churches.  But for some reason yesterday I was surprised by how much support there was for people affected by divorce.  As someone who has been through a difficult divorce, I understand the need for support and help finding your way in the aftermath.  In the last few weeks I have also been watching the new season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  In a very odd way, I have found that the more I understand people’s tendencies to engage in things that are not good for them only aids me in helping my clients.  So, while this rehab show is quite entertaining, I also learn a lot about human behavior.  While I have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, I have witnessed in my own home how addiction can ruin a person, a life, and an entire family.  Just as with divorce, overcoming addiction requires a huge amount of support and love to conquer the demon within. 

Me moments before my wedding
It can take far too long
to find the strength to get out

While many people would not be willing to compare divorce or substance abuse to being overweight or obese, in many ways they are much the same.  In all three situations, it takes courage to admit there is a problem, willpower to fight the problem, and immense strength, love, and support to destroy it for good.  When I was going through my divorce I remember my pastor saying, “It’s one thing to get up, it’s a whole other thing to get out.”  It rang so true for me because I knew for far too long that my marriage was toxic, but it took incredible conviction to actually get out of it.  While I had not heard those words at the time, it was the same way when I was overweight.  For years I felt self-conscious, lethargic, unhealthy, and simply unhappy with myself.  But it took true dedication to get healthy before I actually did it. 

Me at 15 years old
With courage & support, 
I got out & you can too

Now, I completely understand that substance abuse can be dangerous and even deadly – I have witnessed this firsthand.  And I am awfully aware that divorce can destroy a person and a family – I am not only a divorced woman, but the child of divorce.  I know how destructive these circumstances can be.  But, I also know that approximately 10-15% of Americans suffer from addition to drugs & alcohol, approximately 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, but nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.  So, while obesity may not be such an obvious devastator, it is much more widespread.  When you have mothers dying from heart disease, fathers dying from diabetes, children living shorter lives due to illnesses causes by junk food and their sedentary lifestyle, obesity is just as dangerous and deadly.  And it is currently affecting most every American in some way.  What’s worse is that obesity is preventable. 

If you are feeling lethargic and unhappy due to your weight or if your weight is out of control, or someone you love has health problems due to obesity, don’t just get up, GET OUT.  It is a toxic and destructive place to be and it is time to make a change.  I will help you – together we’ll find the courage, willpower, and strength to get out for good.   I will help educate, encourage, and motivate you to find your way out and get your life back.  Go to to see all the ways I can help you and those you love.  Obesity is 100% preventable – let’s conquer the demon and get out today!