Thursday, April 7, 2011

Find the Fire in You

I have been through a lot of difficult things in my life – some painful, some difficult, some sad, and some just plain discouraging.  I have learned from each moment and have come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and better for having survived.  Looking back, there were times when I was in the eye of the storm that I wasn’t sure I would survive, but that never stopped me from fighting as hard as hell to make it through.  And, in the calm after the storm is when I realize my strength and how proud of myself I am for surviving.

This is a lesson that we can only learn for ourselves.  It is not something that can be taught – it comes from experience.  And I can only hope that I am in the process of teaching this lesson to Katie.  She is on the brink of morbid obesity and is only 16 years old.  While we have had good days and bad days, I think yesterday was a low point for both of us.  Last week, I posted about our breakdown leading to a breakthrough.  But, I am not sure we fully broke through.  At yesterday’s weigh-in, Katie only lost 0.8 pounds since last week.  While any weight loss is good, she has the potential to lose much more – our goal is five pounds per week. 

Quitting is not an option, so I got her up and we started out workout – I planned to walk/jog to the tennis courts in het in a good bootcamp workout and walk/jog back home.  Last week’s breakdown happened on our way back home after we had made it through the majority of the workout.  But, yesterday the crying and complaining began during our first jogging interval.  When we finally made it to the tennis courts, we did a few circuit training moves using the lines on the court.  Katie really wasn’t pushing very hard and whined most of the time.  After a few minutes, she asked “Can we do something that doesn’t involve my legs?”  That really aggravated me.  I asked if she just wanted to sit, because that was really the only option…unless we wanted to try headstands!  After more crying and complaining, we went back home. 

When we got back home I had a serious conversation with Katie and her mom.  I asked if she thought she was really pushing herself when she worked out on her own.  I also asked her what she expected from the process.  She said she has tried to push herself but that she is always tired.  My assessment is that she is used to being lazy and doesn’t want to push herself past anything that is difficult.  And she said she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t expect it would be this hard. She even admitted that for most of her life, if something was difficult, she simply stopped.  As I have said before, in addition to losing weight, Katie will have to drop the emotional and mental baggage that comes with it.  I want Katie to find that fire within her – something that will motivate her.  I can push and encourage all day long, but only she can truly make up her mind and her heart to make a change.  I want her to fight FOR this – not AGAINST me.  My only hope is that Katie fights like hell through this eye of the storm.  It will be difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally, but when she makes it through, she will see how strong she truly is.  And it will feel so good when she has self-pride rather than self-doubt. 

Do you have the fire within you?  Do you need to find it so you can make a change today?  This is your time to step up and fight for your health, your life, and your future.  I know Katie can do it and I know you can too.  Whether you need personal encouragement or you want to offer encouragement and support to Katie, share your story by commenting below or email me at  And please share this story with those you know and love because Katie is not alone.  There are many Katie’s out there – young and old – who are struggling to find their own fire.  Each of us has it and it only takes a spark to get it going. 

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  1. I have been there so many times. I never thought I could do it, so I didn't. I always had a reason as to why I couldn't do it. I finally realized that I am strong enough to do it and when I am exercising and pushing myself to the next level, that is what I keep repeating to myself.