Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of 8 Weeks is Only Beginning of Transformation

Yesterday marked the end of Katie’s eight week Teen Camp Champ program that she won as part of my teen contest.  However, I am pleased to announce that it is only the beginning for Katie.  In our eight weeks together so far, she has lost 18.6 pounds (nearly 8% of her starting weight).  She has lost 3.0 inches from her waist, 0.5 inches from each arm, and 0.75 inches from her thigh.  Also, she has dropped her blood pressure by an incredible 12%.  You can see the visual progress and details on her stats below.  I am also very happy to announce that Katie and her mom have asked me to continue to work with her in an effort to lose weight and stay healthy.  So, our work and Katie’s transformation has only just begun.   

Start                                    Week 8
Weight: 235.4 lbs                     Weight 216.8 lbs
Blood Pressure: 136/92          Blood Pressure: 125/76
Pulse: 89                              Pulse: 83
Waist: 46 in                            Waist: 43 in
As you may recall, as part of the teen contest, our winner will also be provided with a fashion and beauty makeover from some very generous and kind local businesses.  So, in the coming weeks, Katie will get a haircut & style provided by Jackie Crow at Studio West Hair Salon and a facial & brow shaping provided by Melanie Williams at Melanie Williams Advanced Skincare.  And she will get a fashion makeover at Tickled Pink, a Bellevue boutique owned by Carey & Lori King.  I will be accompanying Katie to all of these makeovers and will take lots of pictures so you can witness beauty in the making!  These local folks are amazing and I appreciate them very much.  I highly recommend you stop by or call to make yourself an appointment. 

If you have followed Katie’s story over the past eight weeks, you know that it has been a tough road for the both of us.  But, it has also been wonderful and awesome to see changes take place – both on Katie’s outside as well as her inside.  We’ve lost pounds and gained confidence, shed tears and build courage, and wiped sweat & blood to find potential.  I have asked Katie to write about her experience over the past eight weeks and her thoughts on what she has accomplished so I could share it with you.  The following is what she wrote:   
“Coach D – I want to say that I am very glad that I won this contest and that you opened your business to me.  I appreciate your support during this whole process.  It has been hard (literally blood, sweat, and tears) but what I needed to get healthy.  Going in to this I had high blood pressure and weighed 234 pounds.  Being this overweight was nothing new to me, I have been overweight for a long time.  At our first meeting you promised that if I ate and exercised how you taught me I would be healthier.  At the end of eight weeks I have more energy, sleep better, eat healthier and have lowered my blood pressure.  I am in a new place now and know what I need to do to stay on this track to keep getting healthier. The experience has been great and was definitely needed.  I could not have done it without Coach D.”  

I am super proud of Katie and am very appreciative of her words.  And, I will definitely make sure she stays on this track to getting healthy.  It is imperative to her future and her quality of life that she does.  Just like the poem The Race, Katie has gotten up each time she’s fallen and she is winning this race.  And as we continue on this track, I will make sure Katie continues to rise each time she falls and wins this race.  And we will continue to find the beauty, confidence, and pride that radiates from within her. 

Are you winning your race?  Or maybe you’ve fallen and need help rising?  Or maybe you have yet to start your race?  I am here to help you win your race – take the first step by emailing me at  And please share this story with those you know and love so they have a chance to win their own race!        

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