Monday, September 9, 2013

Be a Football Fan Without Looking Like a Lineman!

Pizza Wraps
This is the time of year we spend a lot of time tailgating, in front of the TV, or at a bar watching high school, college, and NFL games.  I love this time of year, but it can wreak havoc on our waistlines.  Did you know that just ten buffalo chicken wings have more calories and fat than a stick of butter?  And that doesn’t even include the blue cheese dip.  Did you realize that a typical platter of nachos has 30-35 grams of saturated fat?  That’s equal to a half cup of lard!  Did you know that just one slice of a pepperoni & sausage pizza has nearly a full day’s worth of sodium?  But, our favorite game day foods aren’t the only threats to our health.  Many of us may wash down our tailgate fare with a tall glass of sweet tea.  But, did you know just one glass of southern-style sweet tea has as much sugar as two Snickers bars? 

Homemade Fruit Sodas
Timeout!  There is no need to worry – I am your football fan coach!  I will make sure you enjoy this season without looking like a lineman by the Super Bowl!  I am currently doing office lunch-&-learns and football party/tailgate catering to help show your coworkers, friends, and family that you can still enjoy tailgate themed foods without all the health risks!  I have the food and beverage options with will keep your waistline and taste buds cheering all season long!  

Big Ten Slaw - Apple Cranberry Slaw
The photos you see here are from a recent lunch-&-learn I did for an office group of 40 attendees.  The feedback has been extremely positive!  In fact, people left with hands and plates full of food!  And the slaw was a crowd favorite.  One lady came up and said “I am a self-professed slaw snob, but I am going to make your slaw this weekend.”  And one man told me that he was going to email me because he wanted to “know more about that slaw.”  And another lady simply took an entire plate full with her when she left!  And I just received an email from one attendee asking for the exact recipe so she could make it for her bible study class.  I’d say my slaw – and the entire menu – was a touchdown!          

S'mores Brownie Bites
Whether you have a group of 5 or 50, I will accommodate you and your needs, preferences, and budget!  Some of my previous lunch-&-learns have been described as “AWESOME”, “fantastic”, “such a treat”, “enjoyable”, and “informative”. Contact me to book your lunch-&-learn or football party today!  And go to  to see all the ways I can help you and all your football fans & players.  Obesity is 100% preventable and it starts this football season!

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