Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More than a Makeover, Start a Revolution

Hair with Jackie at Studio West
We have all seen the makeover shows that have taken over television these days.  We can find home makeovers, fashion makeovers, hair makeovers, even plastic surgery makeovers.  Some shows tout weight loss, diet secrets of Hollywood, and clothes that will make you look ten pounds thinner.  These shows may inspire us to want to look better, but do they inspire a revolution?  The difference between a makeover and a revolution is that a makeover involves appearance, while a revolution involves a fundamental change in the way we think and act.  The definition of makeover is “an overall treatment to improve the appearance or change the image.”  The definition of revolution is “the fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something; a complete change, especially in ideas or methods.”  So while it may be easy (and good for television) to slap on some makeup and spanx and call it a makeover, real change must come from within and be a true transformation – a revolution. 

If you have been keeping up with Katie’s transformation, you know that in the eight weeks of my Teen Camp Champ program, she lost nearly 20 pounds.  It has been a struggle, but it has also been rewarding for Katie.  She’s lost weight, but she has found self-confidence and strength she never knew she had.  And, part of her transformation were fashion and beauty upgrades.  My hope was that it would continue to inspire her to stay on this journey of weight loss – and to encourage the revolution Katie needs. 

Facial with Melanie

Just as a reminder, Katie received a haircut, color, & style provided by Jackie Crow at Studio West Hair Salon in Bellevue and a facial & brow shaping provided by Melanie Williams at Melanie Williams Advanced Skincare.  Also, local Bellevue residents Carey & Lori King – owners of Tickled Pink (an upscale ladies consignment boutique in Bellevue) – donated a $100.00 gift certificate.  So many people have expressed care, concern, interest, and support for Katie and I wanted to share with you some of the photos that were taken during Katie’s fashion and beauty sessions.  I am so appreciative of the generosity shown because each session made Katie feel special.  I truly hope it provides the motivation she needs to keep working hard, eating well, and losing weight. 

New dresses at Tickled Pink with Carey & Lori

I plan to continue to work with Katie and she transforms and revolutionizes her life.  It is amazing to me to think that Katie, who was morbidly obese when we began and could barely jog for 30 seconds at a time, is actually a representation of about a quarter of American teenagers.  Yes, about 25% of American teens are overweight or obese – with an additional 15% at risk for becoming overweight.  In the past 30 years, the number of obese kids & teens has tripled.  And what’s worse is that a child who is obese has an 80% chance of becoming an obese adult.  I hope to change this statistic around for Katie.  I want her to be a healthy adult capable of having lots of babies and chasing them around without getting winded.  And that will take more than a makeover, it will require a revolution. 

I also hope that I can inspire you to start a revolution.  Whether it’s for yourself, your family, or someone you care about, if you want a true transformation, a fundamental change in thoughts & actions, start a revolution.  Makeup and spanx won’t add years to your life – hard work, exercise, and healthy eating will.  If you need a fearless leader to help start your revolution, I am here for you.  I’ll go beyond improving the appearance and together we’ll make a complete change for life!  Go to to see all the ways I can help you or those you love.  And go to to get & stay healthy this summer – including camps for kids & plans for your Memorial Day parties. 

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